Friday, April 1, 2016

March 2, 2016 - Arrived at Washington D.C. South Mission

We've arrived!

My Mission President David Huntsman and Sister Michelle Huntsman.  They have eight children!

At the Lincoln Memorial

Our flight was perfect and we are happy to be here!
I worried a lot because I was the Flight Coordinator

Hello everyone!  

We made it safely here and I love it already!  When we flew in we were greeted by our Mission President and his wife.  They are so nice. They treat us like their own children  and I can already tell they love us so much!  They took us over to D.C. and we got some great pictures there. Sister Huntsman, our presidents wife, was so nice to make sure our family knew we made it safe and so they sent those pictures home.  We then went to the mission home and got to relax.  We had to get up at 130 a.m. the day before so, it was really nice to just rest.  We had Cafe Rio there!!! I love Cafe Rio!  That really helped me feel more at home.  The sisters I came in with were talking about how much trust we have on a mission.  We started thinking about it and wow we have done a lot of things that if we didnt know this was the Lords work and he was right here with us, I dont think we would have even tried it.  For example, the night we arrived the President took us to our hotel and the 4 of us sisters not really knowing where we were trusted that when he said " We will be back here at 815 to get you"  We did it.  We weren't even worried.  We didnt even think about all the trusting things we had done until later the next day and we were all so suprised.  It really is a testiment to me that the Lord is watching over us and that we can always trust our President and his wife.  

So the next morning we got ready and had breakfast at the hotel.  Then we went out and the President and his wife came to get us.  We went to a stake center and went through a couple meetings and met our new companions and we were off.  

Sister Jones is my companion/ trainer and she is so nice she is really great at compromising.  I sent our pictures earlier. We are in the Warrenton 2nd ward and Warrenton is a beautiful area.  We live in the country side and I love all of the homes out here.  Everyone is so nice and always waves when we drive by.

So, we had the most increadable experance as we were going to meet some of the people in our area.  Sister Jones has been doing so good at sharing a Mormon Message with the people we go ti visit and I love Mormon Messages so when we went to one of the less active members homes she asked me what one we could have ready to share.  So I thought of the one by President Uchdorf about the man who boards the ship it is called "Your Potental Your Priviliges".  Then we thought of one more we could have ready just in case.  We said a prayer and we went in.  The coolest thing happened as soon as Sister Jones said "We have a message we want to share with you" the sister started telling us how she had been looking for this one talk by president ........  She couldn't remember his name so then she said it is the one about the man boarding the ship!!!  I looked at Sister Jones and I said, "No way!!!!"  and Sister Jones said that is the one we wanted to share with you!  It was so increadible to see this example of the Lord working in our lives.  Turns out the sister had been looking and praying for it for a really long time!

I know the Lord loves us and looks out for us!  He knows us all!

Love Sister Goudy
Have a Great Week.  

Mr first companion in the field:  Sister Jones

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