Friday, April 15, 2016

April 11, 2016 Advice to Future Missionaries

Cousin James sent her an e-mail

James & Uncle Norman Saying Hello at the Sund Dunes


From part  of an e-mail to James:
"I think my advice to a future missionary would be to take    advantage of opportunities you have to talk to people. I think the things I am using the most are from when I was in Young Woman's presidencies and had to talk to less active girls. It can be really awkward talking to people but if you get used to asking them questions it will help you a ton.  I would also work on studying the gospel wheather that be Preach My Gospel or General Conference talks. We are promised that Heavenly Father will bring to our remberance the things we already know so we need to know it and then he will bring it back!"   

Love, Sister Harline


Sister Goudy sent Mom a short note that said they were well, 
but too busy doing a Service Project at a local farm to write a letter to everyone this week!

Mom: "It's good that she is busy!!!

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