Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 The Hunt Was Successful!

Hey everyone!                                                                 6/27/16

This week has been awesome! As a mission we had a goal
to find 300 new investigators this week.  As a companionship we found 5; as a zone we found 48 and as a mission we found 278! How cool is that?

Every day we had a small and simple goal that would help us find new people. One of the days we were supposed to go out of our way to talk to 5 people that we normal would try to avoid like someone with headphones on or someone out mowing their lawn. 

That is the day that we found our cute little family. Their names are Bobby and Tiffany and they have 2 little kids. We were pulling into a parking spot and we didn't do too good of a job so we got out to fix it and that's when we started talking to them. They are so sweet and respectful. We taught
them about the Book of Mormon and when the kids started looking in it, they told them to be very careful because it is God’s words and we need to treat them nicely. Then on Saturday when we invited them to church they said they wouldn't be able to make it this week but they would
love to join us next Sunday. It was so awesome!

Another day we went to check on a bunch of potential investigators we had in our area book and we meet another really cool lady named Tiffany, too. She wasn't the person we were looking for but it was so awesome because she said that earlier in the week she had been praying to be able to come closer to Christ again. She told us how she has
talked with missionaries before with her brother who we had went there to see, she said that when she heard about Joseph smith and his experience that it just seems so familiar to her.

We were going down the Main Street in Warrenton the other day and we decided to stop at one of the really pretty old houses on the street. The lady that answered was so nice and she let us right in. She was 
the caretaker for the home owner and she said she loves to hear about Christ. She couldn't really talk but it was so cool we got to read a
chapter of the Book to Mormon to her. When we left another caretaker said we could come back anytime we are in the area because they both love hearing about things like that.

We heard form Cherokee this week and she is coming back tomorrow! We are so excited to see her!  It has almost been 3 weeks. She is doing really well though she said the wards in the town she was visiting are so much bigger than ours and that they all were so welcoming. She has
got her paper work ready for youth conference and she said if she can go she definitely will. They are going up to New York to see the Sacred Grove which would be such a cool experience for a recent convert. Hopefully she will be able to go before she heads out.

We got the chance to plant some plants with a member in her
garden the other day. They take such good care of it and most the food they cook is from their garden.

I know that the Lord is guiding us to those how are prepared for the message of the restored gospel and I am so grateful for this chance I have to strengthen my testimony. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God just as Bobby and Tiffany taught their kids and I know that it along with the Bible contain the fullness of the gospel.

I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Goudy

These are pictures of our zone and all the sisters in our zone. One ofthe elders is from Wyoming and so he brings his lasso with him wherever he goes.
Our sister training leaders are the ones roping us.

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