Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 Blessings Coming One by One

Hi Everyone,

This week has been an incredible week of miracles and blessings with my new companion Sister Hyre!

I know that this is truly the Lord’s work and we can't do it without him. I know he has been preparing so many people in this area and we have seen those people placed right in our paths almost literally. Like on Monday we were walking out to our car and we met a girl named Bailey we started talking to her and turns out she had met with missionaries before years ago. She said that she had been looking for another church out here and she is so excited to meet with us.

We also got a message from one of our investigators,  Darius.   He said things have started going so much better in his life and he knows that it is from the prayers we have been saying with him!   It was so awesome to see him recognize how powerful prayer is. The first time we had met with him he was nervous about praying but now it sounds like he is much more comfortable with it.

   We have also seen so many blessing as we have worked with the ward members so many of them have lead us to people to teach or to opportunities to do service. I am so excited this week we are going to have a lot of chances to get to know the members better as we serve them.  The ward is awesome they are really helping further the work here. They are already doing so much by setting the example for all of their friends. We had a ward picnic the other day and one of our investigators came! The ward really did a great job reaching out to him and getting to know him. His name is Bobby and we have a lesson with him this Thursday Its going to be awesome! I know we have received so blessing in the work and I am so excited to see all that the Lord has in
store for this area.


Today we did an activity with the other sisters in our zone. It is so fun to have the chance to learn from them. They are all so incredible. I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Goudy

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