Monday, February 6, 2017

2.6.17 Fast from Use of our Car!


Hey everyone!                                                        2.6.17     

        It's only been a few days since I last emailed but it feels like so much has happened. We are at the end of one incredible transfer. From day one we had so many amazing miracles. I am so grateful for all of the many blessings we have received.  I can't remember if I told you all about this one but it's one of my many favorites so I'll tell you anyway.

        A couple, of weeks ago we had stopped for the night to get gas. We have to keep the copy of the receipt but this time the pump wasn't printing it so we had to run in. When we went in, there was a worker sitting behind the counter who helped us and then as we were leaving we felt we should give him a pass along card. We had done this so many times before so we thought nothing of it until we got a call from a random number two hours later. It was Joe!! Our friend from the gas station! He was calling because he wouldn't be able to meet for church on Sunday but he wanted to meet another day. We started meeting with him and he is incredible!!!

        We were meeting with him one day and he said I want to be just like you two, meaning he wants to leave everything behind and go on a mission. The cool thing is that he isn't quite passed the age limit so when he gets baptized he can definitely go. Because he is younger though we passed him to the YSA sisters and they will take good care of him. I know it was by no coincidence we were there at that time so we could meet Joe. 

        Our mission has started this thing where the first of every month we all fast from using our cars. We go an entire 24 hours without our cars. This gave us a lot of time to talk to people on the side of the roads. We met this guy who didn't have a home he was very kind and we got a good conversation going. Afterwards it was so incredible, Sister Willes pulled out her bag and gave him a gift card so he could get himself dinner. It was so amazing to see all of the incredible things that we had happen as we were walking into the area so close to where we live. 

It's been such a great week! 

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