Monday, February 20, 2017

2-20-17 President's Day at Mt. Vernon

(Excerpts from letter to Mom and Dad)
Mt. Vernon With Sister Von
I'm so sorry I've been bad at emailing lately. Today we went to Mt. Vernon George Washington's house for Presidents' Day because it was free. The traffic was crazy though. We had to park on the side of the road in the woods kind of. We went with our friend Jamie. He took us to some cool things really quick but he said usually it's an all day trip so we will have to come back another time. 

Speaking of parking I'm the driver and so I've had the chance to parallel park a couple of times. I always pray before and the Lord helps me. I remembered a tip my Drivers Ed. teacher taught me. He said he back up for 3 seconds then you turn hard right for three then hard left for three. That and a good prayer have helped me get in -- in one shot!

It's been fun being a trainer but there is a lot of pressure too. Usually you have someone else who knows what they are doing as well. So sometimes I'm like should we do it this way or should we not. I think the new motto is do what you feel is best. If it doesn't feel right don't do it. We had a lesson with the same friend we went to Mt. Vernon with and he's kind of a talker. So everyone got talking and 10 min in we still hadn't said an opening prayer. I felt really bad. I mean it's not a make or break it kind of thing but I should have just said something. I'm trying to work on standing up for what is right because it is so hard when others around you might not be doing the things you should. 

Sister Von and I have had fun though. She is starting to get out of her shell and we have been laughing so that is good. I was really goofy the other day and we had so much fun. We had dinner with our friend J.R. that just got baptized and we got to see him teach his friend about the gospel it was such a cool experience.  We are working on getting all of our recent converts to the temple. I think one of the hard things about training has just been the slower pace. I want to work super fast but sometimes that doesn't work out too well. I've had to slow it down a little. I think Heavenly Father is really teaching me to work with others because there is a lot I could do on my own but that is not how it works. We have to work as a team. 

This area is a cool place to be in. I'm still adjusting to the ward and people. It's definitely different. Some areas I feel like I can see why I am there but here I am kind of still trying to figure that out. There is a lot of historical stuff here. We are going with a member to the Pentagon next Monday

There is this great Mormon message called good things to come and I wanted to invite you guys to watch it. I kind of felt that way a little bit because I've been a little trunkie with being out a year. It's so weird to think I haven't seen you guys in that long. I am trying my best to stay focused. I loved that video because it talks about how we have come so far. We have huh? 

I sure love you guys 
& loved the Valentine's Day box!

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