Thursday, April 13, 2017

4.10.17 Palm Sunday

Hey everyone!                                               4/10/17

I hope you had a great Palm Sunday yesterday. I never really understood what that meant until today. I was so amazed when I went to study that I was in the exact chapter of my reading in the Bible where it happened. In Matthew Ch. 20 Christ speaks to his followers and then shares with them the fact that He will be entering Jerusalem to face His death. One of the most amazing things to me of the whole experience is that as Christ begins to travel he meets a blind man who calls out to him to be healed.

 I think in a time where we all could have been caught up in our self-pity Christ reaches out and heals the man. One of my favorite talks from the MTC is called the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar. He explains that when we all would turn inward Christ turns out ward and looks at how he can help others. So as we celebrate Christ triumphant return to Jerusalem we can think of this amazing Love that has never been seen before. I think Easter is the greatest time to be a missionary because many people truly celebrate the remarkable gift Christ gave us. The Church has put out a new Easter video called the Prince of Peace. It is a beautiful video that reminds us of the great gift we have been given. 

Two of our friends are preparing for baptism this month. Tony's baptism will be the week after Easter. He is so excited! He has been telling all of his family and friends about it and they plan to join us for it.

Then the following week Robin will be getting baptized. She has been investigating off and on with the missionaries for 3 years now. The whole time she has been doing studies on her own even if she hasn't been meeting with the missionaries. She already has a visiting teaching companion and she sings in the ward choir. She loves being a part of the ward.

Our Friend Andy has a daughter on a mission and has been meeting with us for a little while now too. He is hoping to get baptized soon as well. He has come a long way. 


This Sunday we had our friend Pin and her husband come to church for our Easter program. We had just met her for the first time on Friday when we felt like we should stop at her house.  It was so cute all of a sudden the mail slot on the door opens and Pin, in a very thick accent asked who was there. We talked with her through the door and then she said she would be back. She came back and answered the door with a big fluffy cat in her hands. She invited us right in and said she is very excited to learn about Christ. She understood everything so well. As we were leaving She asked us what our nicknames are and I said, " well my Dad calls me cookie" she said okay I'll call you cookie and then sister Von Savoye said well if she's cookie then I'm brownie. We went back the very next day for our next lesson she said she told her husband to stay and meet with cookie and brownie. She is so excited to meet with us and learn about Christ. 

It was a great week! We had lots of rain and even a tornado we didn't know about until after. After we heard about it we realized we were inside for a lesson and studies when it happened.

Today we got to go on an adventure in old town Alexandria. We got lost on the metro twice which is super funny because we were only one stop away from where we needed to be.  Haha!  It was a good adventure. We ran into some members visiting for spring break and they took us to get ice cream. It was so sweet of them. They are from Alaska and North Carolina. 

I hope you all have a great week! 

Sister Goudy

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