Monday, March 27, 2017

3.27.17 Endure to the End Conference

Hey everyone! 

This week was quite the record breaking week. We had four investigators at church yesterday!!! It was such an incredible blessing and treat. One of the members brought his friend to church that we have been teaching. He was so excited to see us and said he wants to keep meeting with us. He drives all of the way from Maryland to get to our ward in Arlington. Our ward is one of the only, if not the only mid-single ward in the area. People come from all over to meet there. It is so cool to see how incredible each of them are. Sometimes I forget we aren't in a family ward because it feels like they are all one big family. 

Earlier in the week I got to go with two other sisters to a meeting our mission called “Endure To The End.” 

I loved to see how much President and Sister Huntsman really and truly love us. They showed us this cool video where a football couch has one of players perform this really hard drill with one of the other players on his back. Before the player starts, the coach puts a blindfold over his eyes and tells him it is so he doesn't give up on himself and quite before he has to. I think sometimes we all can feel like that, we don't think we make it any further. I loved how in the Woman's Conference broadcast on Saturday really focused on being centered on Christ. If we really think about it we all can't make it any further without Him. It was a great reminder to me to stay focused and work harder than I ever have before. One of my favorite lines from the football video was when the player says, "Coach, it burns!" Some days do burn. He keeps going though and is able to make it even further than he ever has before. I know that the Lord will help us to reach our full potential and become outstanding children of God. 

We got to have dinner with my MTC companion the other day. It was really good to see her. She is so incredible! She is striving to follow Gods plan for her even though sometimes it doesn't fully make sense to her. She has been working out here for a couple of months and loves finding ways to share the gospel with the people she works with. She said it's like she's and undercover missionary. 

This has been one awesome week! I hope you all know that I love you. Have a great week! 

Love, Sister Goudy 

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