Monday, November 14, 2016

11-7-16 J.C.'s Baptism

Hi there everyone!

 The mission is treating  us well and we are learning lots! We've been working really hard to find people to work with. In this area we meet lots of people but a lot of the people here are super busy so we've been trying to get in with them again. We have some pretty unique lessons on people's door steps or over dinner. The other day we did a church tour with our friends Mark and Tommy. Tommy is Autistic he loves trains and is really good at sports. We get the chance to be his friend and think of creative ways to teach them the gospel.  On Saturday we did a church tour with them. To,my was really excited to lead us from room to room. I think his favorite room was the chapel. When I was in Warrenton one of the members said that the chapel is considered an ordinance room and for that reason I truly believe the sprite is always very strong there. As we sat in the chapel Tommy happily walked around while the awesome member that came with us played some hymns on the piano. It was really cool to hear Mark say that he feels we came at just the right time and that he has been looking for a good place for Tommy to find friends. After the church tour we got to go to the park and play softball with them. We made up a really good team.

Later that Saturday sister Hyer and I got to go back to Warrenton for our friend JCs baptism. It was so cool to be back there and remember all the cool experiences and Miracles we saw. We found JC the week that our mission had a goal to find 300 new investigators and at the same time the ward was having a 40 day fast. It was incredible one of the members that was moving out gave us a referral  for one of their friends. We went over and they were super nice but not interested. We asked them if anyone had moved in recently  and they sent us over to Lindsay and Denie. The awesome mom and daughter who love reading The Book of Mormon together. We asked them the same thing and they sent us over to JC.  It was so incredible to see how receptive he was from the beginning.  At the baptism his two kids sang amazing grace with the sisters.  It was an all around awesome experience.

On Wednesday will sister Nenneman was on exchanges with the sisters.  Sister Roberts and I got to go teach the achievement day girls how to do hair. They were so excited to see us and we had a ton of fun learning with them. As we were leaving we talked to one of the members and he was telling us about his neighbor who he felt would be really open to learning more. Turns out it was the same person sister Roberts had been looking at in our area book and wanted to go try her. I know that we are truly being guided in the work and that we truly could not do it alone. It's really interesting to see the days when we are just following the schedule and the other days when we are following the spirit. It makes a huge difference.

I am so grateful for this chance I have to serve here and to learn new things it's been a great experience. I am so grateful for the restored gospel and the happiness it brings. I know that this gospel is true. I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Goudy

P.S.: Presidents birthday was this week so we made a rap for him.

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