Wednesday, November 23, 2016

11.21.16 Our Fourth Floor, Last Door Experience

Hey Everyone!

This week has been quite the adventure. The weather got really cold all of a sudden and the Potomac chill is a real thing. The cold air really does go right to your bones. It was pretty good at first for riding bikes and the members have really helped us so much! Some days, I would be so worried about getting to our appointments and stuff but then we would find an awesome member that would be willing to take us to where we need to go. It was incredible!

Some days we would have 4-5 members coming with us to lessons. One night a member came out with us. We had started knocking some doors with no luck. We decided we were going to have a fourth floor last door experience. So we kept going up. As we got to the third floor a girl let us right in!  We had an incredible lesson with her but she wasn't available to meet again.

We went up to the fourth floor and the first door we knocked no one answered so we kept going. As we went to the next door the first door opened. We meet Beth! She is incredible and was very open. She was so excited to learn about the priesthood  and truly believed that this message is true. She's incredible!

Another night we riding our bikes through an neighborhood and it was so cold. Our fingers were frozen. It was almost time to go home but we really didn't want to go home early. We didn't know how much longer we could take it. So We both prayed. A thought popped in my mind about the pioneers and how much they pushed through and how we really don't have it bad at all.

Then I thought about how they would sing as they walked so I started singing. It truly cheered up our spirits and we made it through. I'm so grateful for this experience because we truly have learned so much!

We had transfers this week and our trio go split up. Sister Roberts went to another area. We finished our transfer together off with a fun service project at Mark’s house. We learned that Sister Roberts is really good with an ax, Sister Nenneman is good with a pick ax and I'm really good with a hatchet.  All together we make a really good tree chopping team. It was a lot of fun!  Mark has progressed so much! On Saturday Sister Nenneman and I had an actual lesson with him and he started reading the Book of Mormon. When we called him the other day the first thing he said is “Are you calling to see if I prayed?”  Ha ha, then he asked us to share a message with him! It was a lot of progression for him.

It's been a great week! We had a great lesson with a part member family we found a couple of weeks ago and they want to meet with us again. I truly know this gospel blesses our families and I know that it is true.

Love, Sister Goudy

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