Monday, November 28, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving  Everyone!
We had a really great Thanksgiving! We had a lunch giving with one of the members. I forgot how good Thanksgiving food is. Then we went over to our friend Mark's house.  When we planned it, we didn't expect it to turn out that we went directly to the next meal but that's how it worked out. It was the full missionary experience.

Mark was so excited to have us over he had been inviting us for a month. He invited his brother and his friend from work and both of their wives. It was the missionaries dream come true! Two missionaries and 5 non-members all hanging out for an hour and a half. Mark is really impressed with us so we kind of felt like the stars of the show.

At the end of dinner, we all sat down for a lesson. We watched the "Because of Him" video the church has put out and then we talked about some of the questions they had for us. It was kind of intimidating but it went really well. We would not have been able to do it without the Spirit because it truly brought to remembrance the things we know to be true. It was awesome!

To top our Thanksgiving off,  that morning we had a great lesson with our friend Judith.  She has twin daughters and she is really committed to learning about the gospel and applying it in her life. She has even been sharing it with her boyfriend who we have now started teaching. All four of them came to church on Sunday and she seems like she was already a member. She even signed up to feed us. She is such a sweetheart.

Keep your eyes pealed for her baptismal announcement! We've been really blessed with awesome investigators in the coolest ways!

This week the Church's Christmas video came out! It is really good. It talks about how Christ is the light of the world and how we are the light of the world. I love how it reminds us that we work along side the Lord. At the end it invites us to take a challenge to light the world. We are going to do it and I want to invite you all to take the challenge.

Check out the video at This Sunday we will get to go help at the temple Visitors Center while they have the lights up for Christmas.  It's been a fun way to invite the members to light the world!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve and to be here on my mission. I truly love it!

Love, Sister Goudy

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