Monday, October 10, 2016

10-10-16 Left Warrenton Gone to Leesburg


Hey everyone this week was transfers.

I have been transferred to the Goose Creek Ward in Leesburg, VA. Leesburg is in Loudin County which is one of the richest counties in the country. It's a lot different from my last area. We live in an apartment complex above a shopping center kind of like Gateway. The sisters call it Babylon. Something even cooler with transfers seven been put in a trio so not only do I have one new companion I have two incredible sisters to work with. Sister Roberts and Sister Nenaman!  They are awesome! They are hard working and excited to serve.

Sisters:  Roberts, Goudy & Nenaman

Sister Roberts is the sister that has been in the area the longest. This is her first area and she has been here for almost 6 months. She is super sweet and easy to get along with. The other day we were driving through a neighborhood and she saw a turtle trying to cross the road so she quickly pulled over and helped it across. It was pretty awesome!

Sister Nenaman actually came out with Sister Roberts so they both have almost been out for 6 months. Sister Nenaman was in my last zone with me so we have met before. She loves to work hard and helps us out so much. They both are so awesome and I think we work really well together. It's going to be so fun to work in a trio. Things are a lot funnier in a trio though like when we walk up to someone's door and there are three of us standing there they give us some funny looks. It's kind of funny to watch us move around the apartment too it's kind of a smaller place for 3 of us but it works. I'm excited to see all the cool things we can accomplish.

My last couple of days in Warrenton we did some pretty cool things. We had a great lesson with Aaron about tithing we gave him some gold candy bars to represent how much money he made. Sister O'Donnal had lots of creative ideas to help him learn in a fun way. It was incredible to see the change in him overtime. He was going to get baptized this weekend but they decided to wait so his whole family can be a part of it. I'll keep you posted.


We had a great lesson with our investigator Maurice he is so sweet. It is so humbling to see how excited he is to learn. Sometimes I take for granted this incredible knowledge of the restored gospel and the amazing blessing it is.


We had one of the awesome sister’s in the ward come out with us for the night. She is preparing to go on a mission. It was really fun to get to answer a lot of her questions and help her prepare. I said goodbye to a lot of incredible people.   It was such a blessing to get to start my mission in such an incredible area.

I've been thinking a lot about why we move around on our missions. I think we learn a lot about trusting in the Lord as we move to a new place and strive to use all the time we have there to do our very best. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and I know that this is where I need to be. I have been so happy since I have been here. I am so grateful for this chance to share the gospel with everyone! Thank you so much for your love and support.

Love, Sister Goudy

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