Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016 Letter to Grandpa and Grandma

Hi Grandma and Grandpa:                                                 5/23/16

Thank you for your emails. It is so fun to hear about your trip. I didn't know you have been to Hawaii that is so cool. From being on a mission I definitely want to explore new places but I think for the most part I really want to live in Utah. I love Utah. I think a fun place to travel would be Alaska.  I think it would be so fun to go on a church history tour too. Some of the sisters I have talked to have done that and they really loved it. I think I will for sure put that one on my list of places to go in the future. The youth in our ward are going to Palmyra, New York for youth conference. It sounds like everyone is so excited. They have planned it so well it is going to be a great opportunity for all of them to strengthen their testimony.  Are there any places you have traveled where you would
love to live?

That's so crazy that Anna is going to get a goat (ha ha). We talked with a member this week who has all sorts of animals. It sounded like goats are mostly for pets or for milk.  She said they actually don't like eating the grass too much. I can't remember what she said they like to eat but she said if you want a lawn mower you should get seep.
Living out here in the country has really made me want to live off the land more. I think that is so cool the ward is doing a class on how to raise chickens. I would totally go to that class.  We have been eating fresh eggs from the members the past couple of weeks it has been so cool.

Yesterday, we had the chance to go to a member’s house with our investigator. They invited her over for lunch and then we watched the Joseph Smith video with her. It was so cool. I always love what the members cook. She cooks a lot of really healthy foods with little to no meat. I remember the first time we went over I thought for sure it wouldn't taste very good but it was so good. You can't even tell it is all vegetables. That is something I want to be better at in the future, eating less meat and more veggies. I have seen a lot of good things from taking care of your body. We have been going running in the morning and I know it has been helping me so much.  Those are something I really want to keep up for all my life because I know that our body is a temple for our spirit and so if we want to have the fullness of the happiness the gospel brings we should definitely live the Word of Wisdom.

I am glad to hear you all are doing good. Tell everyone I say “Hi” andthat I love them.

Love Ya Lots, Sister Goudy

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