Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6.5.17 Trunky Papers

Just Received My Trunky Papers

This is Jeannette Goudy- Sister Goudy Mom ðŸ˜ŠðŸ’•
We got this note from her yesterday:

"I got this letter from the mission office. Guess what it is?
Yep! It is to confirm where I will be flying in and who will be
getting my agenda. So weird! They call them your trunkies."

She's officially home in three monthsSeptember 6th
She'll be speaking September 10th at 9am- mark your calendars, I know I will.
😉🎉I'm so excited!!!!! 

Thanks for all your love and support throughout her mission. She wants to end on a good note, so words of encouragement are always welcome.

We're almost there!!!!

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