Monday, January 16, 2017

1-16-17 Six General Authorities!

Hi Everyone!

This week has been incredible. I can't believe I completely forgot to even mention the greatest event that happened this weekend. Just so I don't forget it I will put it right here at the beginning. As a mission we were visited by six general authorities!!! Elder Ballard, Elder Rasband, Elder Gong, Elder Perkins and Elder Muers all came to the area for several important events the best one of course was to come and see us!

 It was so incredible to be able to learn from the most incredible missionaries in the world. I was impressed by how much Elder Ballard focused on the Savior. I want to follow his amazing example. Elder Ballard said, "When I get tired I think of Gethsemane." What an amazing example! He truly spoke by the spirit as he met with us, yet it seems like he did not have to wonder what to say. Elder Ballard talked to us about how important he thinks goals are. He told us that if we start a day without setting a goal we are a lot less likely to accomplish as much as we would have if we set a goal. So after the meeting we gathered as a mission and set some new goals. One of the things Elder Ballard encouraged us to do was to talk to 10 people out side of anything we have planned in the day. He promised us so many blessings if we would do that.

Elder Rasband impressed me with how much he respects Elder Ballard. He said I am most definitely the junior companion in this companionship. He talked about the very first "how to" book for missionary work in this dispensation. In D&C section 14-16 the Whitmer Brothers are told by the Lord the most important things they can teach people. The Lord tells them they are to teach repentance. What was really cool is that Elder Rasband had us place our own name in the verse. He reminded us that the most important thing we can do is invite people to repent. I didn't think about it until just now but those two talks powerfully flow together. First we repent and then we set a goal to become better. It was an amazing opportunity to learn from these six servants of the Lord.

Before it all started we got to sit for a mission picture. We all lined up and then they came in and sat on the front row for the picture. Then as we left the gym we were able to shake their hands!!

Also this week we went on our first set of exchanges. I went with Hermana Kump. She taught me so much! She is so loving and excited to serve. I told her they are going to have to put her into the English program so we can be companions. We had so many amazing events that happened as we were together. One of my favorites was when we went to one of our lessons. We couldn't get hold of our friend but just as we were about to leave she looked out the door. She had been asleep. As we started to talk to her, her sister came over and we started to teach her as well. Another cool thing, we met this guy in the parking lot and he really wanted to learn more. He lives in another mission so we sent his information to the other missionaries. He was awesome!

Sister Willes and I spoke in church yesterday. They wanted to test our companionship so they had us speak at the same time. It went so well! We spoke on agency. I talked about how many times at the beginning of my mission I wished we could just make people come to church but I have realized how opposite of our Heavenly Fathers plan that is.

Things are going really well! I sure love the mission almost as much as I love you all. I hope you have a great week! I know that this gospel is true and that it brings amazing happiness to our lives. One of my companions said at the meeting on Saturday that this Gospel is an everyday gospel. Because of that, we need to do things every day to strengthen our testimony. It was so amazing we met this guy named Steven the other day. He hasn't gone to church in a long time but since the last time we saw him he has started praying. He said he truly has felt a difference in his life as he has done that. We taught him the plan of salvation and he said it made lots of sense to him . He said he knows it's true. I know that the Lord is preparing people all around us to receive this incredible message.


Sister Goudy

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