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12.12.16 Great Week! German Christmas

Hey everyone                                                                 12.12.16

This week was awesome it is such a great time to be a missionary to have the chance teach about Jesus Christ. Many people invite us right into their homes because it is so cold outside. When I first came out on my mission I was kind of nervous when people would invite us in but now I realize it is a perfect opportunity.

One of the coolest opportunities was when we met our friends Long, Hong and Mimi.  They were a referral from their neighbors. At first when they answered the door they were kind of quite but Long had his gingham style PJ's on and we asked if he could do the dance. Ha-ha, he sure could, without hesitating, he did the dance for us right on his porch.

We told them that we share a great message about Jesus Christ. They don't have a  Christian background and so they were very excited to let us in. We  talked to them about how important Jesus Christ is and we shared the light the world video. When we asked if we could come back and teach them more Long excitedly said "YES!"  We are going to go back again this week!  I'm really excited because I know we will really see the joy of Christ come into their lives.

I didn't realize how powerful the Joy of Christ is until my mission.  We have been able to see so many people change as they truly feel of his atoning love. Our friends Judith and Mo are a great example of that. Judith was passed to us by Elders from another ward. She had been meeting with them for a while but decided she wanted to wait a little bit and not meet anymore. When she moved to our area they passed us her record and said we should try her sometime. From the first time we called her she has been so excited and committed to learning more. We had recently put her on date for January 21st but after we talked to her about it some more we all felt she could be ready by the end of the year. She is so excited to start the year off with a fresh start. No better gift then that! I sure love to see her excitement and willingness to fully embrace the gospel. They came to the ward Christmas party the other night and the ward embraced them so well! They have been coming to church for the past three weeks it's incredible! Mo wasn't too excited about meeting with us at first but as time has gone on he has really changed. He says he loves how everyone knows his name and says hello when they see him. They are doing great! I'll put a picture of us with Judith and their two cute girls. They are twins.

We've also seen a lot of progression with our friend Linda. She is such a cute lady and every time we go over to see her, she is waiting at the door. When the members come to give her a ride to church or the Christmas party she is already in her Sunday best. We've started reading the Book of Mormon with her; some of the words are kind of tricky so we've been able to help her improve her reading skills too.  She really wants to be baptized in January!  She is incredible we sure love her.

The ward is taking good care of us this Christmas season. Last night for dinner we had an authentic German dinner with the Langers. Brother Langer is from Germany and so we had his favorite, sauerkraut and dumplings. After dinner they had us come to their Christmas tree where they had two little gifts for us. They had gotten us three different German treats. I never knew that Gummy Bears are German. It was so sweet of them. 

Even better, when we left they gave us some referrals for their neighbors which lead to even more referrals. None of them were new investigators but we had some great discussions.   I love being a missionary!   It brings so much happiness and blesses so many people's lives. Yesterday they had the parents of missionaries speak about the blessings of missionary service. They talked about all they had seen from their children serving and it really reminded me that missionary work is such a gift and that we have such a short time to dedicate ourselves to it. It reminded me to really enjoy every moment. I know that this gospel is true. I know that it changes lives and I know it bring so many blessings. I hope you all have a great week!


Sister Goudy

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