Monday, September 12, 2016

09.12.16 Driving in D.C.

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't get an email sent out to you all last week.

The last two weeks have been really good, full of lots of  learning and growth. Last Monday we got to have breakfast with a sister in the ward who is like our mission grandma. She takes such good care of us. We love her! She made us Dutch babies! I think they are my new favorite. They are like German pancakes. Then today we are going to the mission home for our zone activity. They have lots of fun stuff we can do there. They have these cute bikes we can take out and they have volleyball and ping pong. Lots of fun stuff we can do with other missionaries. It's going to be our zone and one other zone. The mission home is about an hour and twenty minutes from here which is really far for this mission but I think it's pretty close for other missions.

I've started driving this transfer and it's been really fun to get back in the hang of things. I don't think I've driven too crazy.  Ha-ha! DC is known for its traffic so I'm a little nervous about driving there. We take a road called 66 that goes toward DC and most of the time they have the traffic slow down to about 35 mph. Luckily, we always have to be with our companion so we can take the carpool lane and hopefully it won't be too crazy once we get there.

We've had some really cool experiences over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, at church we were asked to come into primary and share with the kids how we have seen being on a mission has blessed others. It was such a cool opportunity to reflect on all the miracles I have heard about and seen.  Then they took some time to just ask us any questions they had. It was so fun to hear all the things they wanted to know about. One of the girls is the granddaughter of the family we stayed with when I first came out and she was super excited to share with everyone all the things she got to do with the missionaries. 

Another cool thing, we started doing last week was teaching a nine year old boy in the ward who is  wanting to get baptized. We have seen him grow so much in the last couple of weeks. Our first lesson with him he would only answer our questions with a thumbs up or down but now he comes up to us and talks to us at church.  It was so cool to see the change in him.  

This week I saw some amazing answers to our prayers that I wanted to share with you all. One night some members gave us a gift card for dinner and before we went in we prayed that we would have the chance to share the gospel with someone at dinner. As we went in we were looking at the menu when this guy came up to us and said, “Hi sisters, I'm a less active member and I would like to buy you dinner.”  It was incredible!! He was such a nice man and we got the chance to sit and talk to him about the gospel all through dinner. It reminded me that Heavenly Father loves all of his children and knows what we need. 

Another answer to our prayers came during one of our lessons. There was something I felt like we should go over with one of our investigators that isn't in the lesson and the church doesn't have a specific statement on but I felt like we should talk about it. I was trying to think about how we would go about it but I had no idea. Last night during the lesson with them they asked a question about that very thing! It was incredible! Then the members that were with us instinctively jumped in and answered it better then I ever could. I am so grateful for the Lords hand in the work!

I know that we could not do it without Him and that He knows exactly what is best. I know that even when we have days were all of our appointments fall through, he knows just what we need and where we need to be. I know that like it testifies in the scriptures, "We receive no witness until after the trial of our faith." I know that this gospel is true and it is for us to draw  closer to our Heavenly Father. It is to prepare us to be comfortable in His presence. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Thank you all so much for your support and prayers.

Love, Sister Goudy

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